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Acre Knives


stay sharp. stay true.

After landing on a name, the team at Acre Knives needed a professional, consumer-friendly brand system. We discussed the importance of having a brand that reflected the excellence of their product while also feeling accessible and familiar. Sharp linework, geometric shape language, and a custom-built wordmark helped build the Acre brand.


Comprised of six master bladesmiths, the Acre team brought unique perspectives to the branding table. While most would shy away from having this many cooks in the kitchen, the insight received from each team member was invaluable. Being open to the creative feedback of the team allowed me to create a brand that everyone could take ownership of.

its simple geometry.

Hexagonal shape language is utilized throughout this brand to represent the individuals that makeup Acre Knives. The natural sharp angles and clean lines are perfect for a knife brand and can be used in a variety of ways. Expanding the shape to highlight a single angle creates dividing elements that can be used to integrate large swatches of color. In contrast, by scaling down the hexagon, we can create pattern swatches that create texture and depth within the brand. The hexagon shape also works great as an image frame.

leave your (word) mark.

The Acre wordmark, which serves as their primary logo, was completely crafted from scratch. It beautifully incorporates the angular shape language found throughout the brand. The wordmark feels professional and conveys an expertise of knowledge while remaining affable and approachable.