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All in a name.

Before they were Allplay, they were While they did sell tables, they also sold many other gaming products and accessories. However, the specificity of their original name left many potential customers confused and unaware of the company’s other products. Our first task was to find an inviting, consumer-friendly name that accurately reflected the company’s robust products.

“Allplay” comes from a commonly used gaming term that invites each player to participate in the current turn. We chose this name precisely because of its wide usage within board games and familiarity amongst novice and experienced gamers. The name directly contrasts many of Allplay’s competitors, who often use niche terminology and branding that mainly appeals to a specific audience. As described by the Allplay team, “We want to move away from the bearded guy in his basement stereotype”

Don't forget to play

While part of our team pursued a more polished and refined name and branding direction, I decided to explore a fun and playful alternative. It was from this exploration that Allplay was born! A custom geometric wordmark quickly became the primary logo for this brand. Its simplicity allowed us to effectively apply the mark to game boxes, bags, tables, and more. The playful letterforms and dramatic drop shadow add a unique and approachable feel. A fun but professional color palette adds vibrancy and liveliness to the overall brand. Additionally, we utilized a series of rounded corners, straight edges, and drop shadows throughout the brand to complement the shape language found within the wordmark.