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Cookie Society


Build for where they're going.

When Cookie Society approached us for branding work, they were a small mail-order cookie business. Their main ask was to develop a whimsical but professional brand they could grow with. Today, they have a thriving online business, two brick-and-mortar locations, an event truck, and nationwide acclaim. The Cookie Society brand is a testament to the importance of building a foundationally strong branding system that can grow and expand as your clients do.

Lovin' Every Crumb.

One of my favorite brand taglines that I have created is Cookie Society’s “Lovin’ Every Crumb”. This play on words represents the baker who puts love into every crumb and the consumer who is “lovin’ every crumb”.

Keep it simply sweet.

As this brand has grown, the foundational simplicity of its design has allowed it to remain cohesive and true to its origin. The simple rectangular frame is a nod to their original boxes and their start as a mail-order cookie service. The geometric typography with circular “o’s” and “c’s” represent the cookies. A beautiful pop of teal adds personality and approachability to the overall brand. Sweet. Simple.