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Bri Johns

Creative Direction | Branding | Web Design

Getting Personal

Bri Johns is a professional public speaker and writer, speaking at women’s conferences and youth camps across the country. Bri, a longtime friend, approached me needing a personal brand and website. I wanted to create a brand that represented her creatively and professionally. I additionally wanted it to mirror her friendly and approachable nature as a writer and public speaker.

Be Intentional

The free-form circle throughout the brand adds a fun and versatile creative element while subtly representing deeper symbolic elements. One of my favorite things about Bri is her ability to embrace, celebrate, and transparently share her struggles and imperfections. The intentional use of this shape language symbolizes these personal characteristics. The shape is also a subtle nod to a speech bubble and represents her work as a speaker and writer.

Clean and Simple

The website is a cohesive extension of the brand. It highlights Bri’s past work and allows potential clients to contact her. Large speaking images help elevate the professional and approachable tone established by the brand’s color palette and typography.