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Crystal Core Fitness

Creative Direction | Branding | Web Design

Fitness for all.

Crystal approached me, needing a brand and website for her new personal training business. During our initial conversations, she discussed the importance of her brand feeling accessible and enjoyable. Crystal referenced how fitness brands often felt exclusionary and unapproachable. In contrast, however, she did like the professional and high-end feel of some of those same brands.

The Crystal Core logomark is a series of outlined half-circles meant to represent the weighted plates affixed to the end of barbells. The parted and enclosed rings also create a series of letter C’s representing Crystal Core. These natural repeating shapes within the logomark lent themselves to several uses throughout the brand, including patterns and overlays.

Perfect Imperfections.

To create a more body-positive and inclusive brand, I intentionally made the circular shape of the logo imperfect, with a width greater than its height. I also utilized fun wavy linework, bright colors, and offset images. This shape language became a subtle pushback against fitness brands that promoted a singular “perfect” body type within their branding. I created the tagline “Fitness for All” to help further connect these thematic elements that inevitably became a central selling point for the client.

Lastly, I created mockups for the final brand presentation to help the client visualize her brand in different real-world applications. These mockups included image overlays, printed and digital materials, and apparel.