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Texas BBQ with PNW STYLE


make brands for the people you care about.

Run by chef and friend Harlan Porterfield, HAR-BQ is one of the premier barbecue joints in all of the PNW. So when he reached out in need of a full brand I quickly said fuck yeah. At the end of the day this brand was a breeze to create. Knowing Harlan as well as I did allowed me to create a well informed brand that fit better than his best BBQ stained white t-shirt.

and for the things you know.

Growing up a Texas boy myself, there are few things I know better than Texas BBQ. And few things I love more than the PNW. So merging the two was a bit of a creative swipe right. Most of the inspiration for this brand came from the countless Meat and Three barbecue spots I grew up going to as a kid.

keep it simple. keep it saucy.

I kept the foundation of this brand simple and versatile. Doing so allowed me to have fun with  merch, packaging, textures and more. The warm color palette was inspired by endless barbecue sauce stains, rolls of butcher paper, and dried oak filling the ever hungry smoker. Speaking of dried oak, those are hand made textures from Harlan’s own wood pile. Pretty cool.